Each person is largely responsible for their own state of health and many serious conditions can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle without the need for drugs and treatment.  The Doctors and Nurses will always be ready to offer help and encouragement in health promotion.  We offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services in the Practice.


Appointment System


When phoning for a GP appointment, call on the day the appointment is required.  The Reception Staff will ask for a brief description of your current illness or reason for the call, as this ensures they can direct you to the most appropriate service.  There are a variety of appointment types and Reception will offer you the most appropriate type.


Nursing and Phlebotomy appointments can be pre-booked, in normal circumstance we also offer a walk-in Phlebotomy service every weekday morning from 9.00am until 12.00pm, but this is not running currently.

Most of our GP appointments available are on the day, to allow us to be responsive to patient need.

For patients for whom work commitments make it difficult to attend, we have pre-bookable appointments at 8.30am, 8.40am and 4.50pm, again these are not running while we deal with the Coronavirus pandemic


Clinics and Services by Appointment


By Appointment with a Doctor:-


  • General Medical Services

  • Maternity Services

  • Child Health Surveillance

  • Contraceptive and Family Planning Services

  • Minor Operations

  • Non-NHS Examinations/Medicals


By Appointment with a Practice Nurse:-


  • Cervical Smear Clinic

  • Tetanus, Flu and other Adult Injections

  • General Health Advice (i.e. stop smoking)

  • Diabetes Care

  • Asthma Care

  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Care

  • Dietary Advice

  • 24-hour Blood Pressure Recording

  • Blood Tests (when needed together with other tests treatment)

  • Travel Immunisations and Advice

  • Repeat Treatment Checks

  • Dressings and Removal of Stitches

  • Spirometry

  • Some Minor Injuries

  • Childhood Immunisations


For all of the above make an appointment at Reception or by telephoning 01691 655844.


By Appointment with a Healthcare Assistant:-


  • Blood Tests (limited availability)

  • 24-hour Blood Pressure Recording

  • Blood Pressure Checks

  • ECG Recording

  • Dressings and Removal of Stitches

  • NHS Health Checks

  • New Patient Medicals


Drop-in Blood Test Sessions (These are currently suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic)


9:00am - 12:00pm Monday to Friday


Simple Blood Tests - i.e. no other tests at the same time.  Please note we have a maximum capacity of 30 patients per day.

Childhood Immunisation


For information on Childhood Immunisations, including the new vaccine Meningitis B, please click on the button below:-


Travel Vaccines


If you require Travel Vaccinations, please download the form below.  Once completed, please email it back to us on at least 1 week prior to your travel appointment. Please note that Travel Vaccinations are not provided by the NHS so there is a charge for supplying these.



Making Contact with the Health Visitors


To speak to a Health Visitor or to make an appointment for the Baby Clinic, please ring 01691 663608.


NB: Health Visitors are not situated in our Surgery and do not hold clinics here.  They are based at the Oswestry Health Centre.


Health Visitors also facilitate groups in the local area, including parentcraft, postnatal group, postnatal depression group, weaning sessions, baby massage and child behaviour courses.


Contacting the District Nurses


If you are housebound you can arrange to be seen by one of the District Nurses by contacting them directly between 9:00am-5:00pm seven days a week on 01691 663609.  You do not need to be referred by a Doctor.  The District Nurses assess for care required and can provide medical-based Nursing skills and advice to people in their own homes, which can include:-


  • Wound Care

  • Leg Ulcer Care

  • Bladder and Bowel Care

  • Continence Assessment

  • Chronic Disease Management - e.g. Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease

  • Terminal Disease Management - care for people near the end of their life, including support for their family

  • Wheelchair/Equipment Assessment

  • Advice and Support for Carers


Non-NHS Medical Services


Certain services provided by the Practice are not covered by the NHS and you will be asked to pay a fee.  These services include:-


  • Insurance Claim Forms

  • Various Special Letters and Forms

  • Taxi, HGV and PSV Medicals

  • Private Sick Notes

  • Some Travel Vaccinations

  • Solicitors' Reports

  • BUPA/PPP forms

  • Pre-Employment Medicals

  • Holiday Cancellation Letters


If you would like to make an appointment for a Medical Examination, ask Reception to make an appointment.  We normally carry out Private Medical Examinations on Saturday mornings.  A price list is available at the Reception Desk.


Other Services:-


IAPT: Counselling and other Psychological Therapy including CBT, can be accessed by clicking on the button below:-


Self-Referral Telephone Number: 0300 123 6020